I colored and cut my Hair @ Hair Rules Salon!

Hi Beauties!
I colored my hair! Can you beleive it? I haven't had color in my hair for over 14 years. The last time I colored my hair I had highlights, while relaxing, and it was a disaster. All of my highlights over time fell out. After having that experience I've never really wanted to try anything new. Too scared of the damage and I just didn't really have a problem with my dark hair.

But, It's a new me and I wanted to start this new decade of my life with a new look.

Low and behold:

What do you think?
I love it! I wanted to stay in the "brown" color family but I told my colorist AMY at the Hair Rules Salon that I trusted her judgement and she picked the final color. She lightened by base color and then added a slightly lighter, copper-ish reddish brown to the front in a subtle ombre effect. She felt that doing the normal highlights on the front with the foil was not going to look as great. I agree, because I really don't like the streaky look.

I also had my haircut there the week before and I absolutely love it! Monique cut my hair and I couldn't be happier with the result. I told her that I was scared to loose a lot of my length and she heard me. She cut off only a small amount of hair and gave me a great shape.

I would highly recommend Monique and Amy if you're thinking about cutting or coloring you natural hair.

$85 for hair cut with Monique
$180 for a process and 1/2 with Amy


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Laser Hair Removal

Have any of you tried or are thinking of trying Laser Hair Removal?
I've been thinking about trying to get some laser hair removal for quite sometime. I've even had from friends highly recommend it since they've seen positive results. So finally, after much deliberation, I took the plunge. I just started doing Laser Hair removal on my underarms and bikini area (the most popular body parts).

I've only had my first experience and so I cannot speak on the results since they are not seen until after a few sessions. Here are a few things I learned that I'd like to share with you in case you are considering it.

Does it hurt? Yes and no. Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others and so that will dictate the amount of pain you'll feel. It feels a lot like the snap of a rubberband. However, since the laser is a hot light, it is slightly more uncomfortable because the skin feels warm in the area where the technician is working on. Is it a manageable pain? Absolutely. If you're ever had these areas waxed before, this will be faster and less painful. After leaving the salon, I didn't feel any pain. The area of the skin is sensitive on the first day but afterwards you're back to normal.

Does it remove 100% of the hair permanently? No. it removes a large majority of the hair, somewhere in between 80% and 90% percent. This of course is based on the length of your treatment and the tone of your skin. But 100% permanent removal is rare.

Will it work on everyone? Laser hair removal works best on light complexions with dark hair. For the rest of us, the results vary from person to person and so based on the results you may need more than the recommended 6 session on that area of the body you are targeting. Since I am tanned skin, I will need to go in for more than the 6 sessions. Optimal results will like be obtained after 7 to 10 sessions.

Would I recommend it? I can't really recommend Laser Hair removal yet since I haven't seen the results yet. If this treatment works well on me, I will likely go for more areas of the body, such as the lower leg).

What are the Pros? removing a large percentage of hair permanently.

What are the Cons? the treatment is very expensive! and it is a commitment since you will need to continue paying for visits every 5-6 weeks.

Where am I getting my services? I am visiting the Satori Laser Hair Removal Inc, located inside Manhattan's New Yorker Hotel.

Have you tried laser hair removal? What do you think about you're experience?


one last thing: I am not sponsored by this Satori, I was recommended there by a friend.

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